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Anime Music

I like to listen to anime soundtracks, especially anything composed by Yuki Kajiura or Yoko Kanno. Here are some great Yuki Kajiura songs. This song from Madoka Magica (which is an excellent show, by the way) is a fast-paced song that … Continue reading

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Love and Freedom

A popular response to the problem of evil is that God gave us free-will (libertarian free-will to be specific), which makes it possible for us to choose both good and evil.  This response tries to place the blame on man … Continue reading

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Grad School

I was just accepted to the M.A. program in philosophy at Talbot School of Theology. There are still financial concerns, but, Lord willing, I’ll be able to go.  It starts this Fall.

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Scientists and Christianity

Sometimes I’m curious as to why many scientists think that science confirms their atheism, but I see other scientists who are strong Christians.  On a certain facebook page, I asked this question For you scientists in the group, there are … Continue reading

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What Would Make Me An Atheist?

It’s common for people to ask each other what would cause them to change their minds about something.  People ask Christians what would convince them to become atheists, and people ask atheists what would convince them to become Christians or … Continue reading

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(Amateur) Advice for Christian Singles

I’m only 25 years old, but surely I have some advice to give on being single! I’ve wanted to, you know, not be single for about five years now, but it just hasn’t happened and I have no idea when … Continue reading

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God and Necessity

A while ago I posted a couple of propositions, but didn’t really explain the difference between them.  Here they are 1) Necessarily, God knows at t1 that S will do x at t2. 2) God knows at t1 that, necessarily, … Continue reading

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