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Guest Posts

A couple of bloggers have kindly featured some of my writings on their blogs. First, Prayson Daniel at With All I Am featured my post on J.L. Mackie’s metaethical theory. Second, Randy Everist at Possible Worlds has featured my post … Continue reading

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Letham on the Trinity

In summary, the Father loves the Son, sends the Son, and glorifies the Son.  He also sends the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name, in response to his request, and is worshiped in the Son and in the Spirit.  He and … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation: Philosophical Devices

If you are a beginner in philosophy (even as a grad student I still largely consider myself a beginner), then I highly recommend this book Philosophical Devices: Proofs, Probabilities, Possibilities, and Sets by David Papineau Philosophical Devices teaches you about … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Words

When you are in a discussion on basically anything, it is important to know how words are being used.  As I’ve become a better critical thinker over the years, I’ve noticed that many words that are used every day are … Continue reading

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