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New Name?

Gotta be honest, I don’t care for my blog’s name.  I just thought of it out of the blue because it needed SOME name, but I only intended it to be temporary.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what to name it.  … Continue reading

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Is Tinidril Human?

I’m taking a class on science fiction and religion (I didn’t take it because I wanted to…) and we had to read C.S. Lewis’s Space trilogy (at least that was an upside).  One of the reading responses we had to … Continue reading

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Jesus and Horus

I recently saw a friend share this picture on Facebook. Of course, no original source material is cited, so I could not tell if this is true or if the person was really stretching his imagination to grasp at any … Continue reading

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How Does the Christian Relate to the Old Testament?

Many people like to point out that Christians are inconsistent by picking and choosing what verses in the Bible to believe and what not to believe; what rule to follow and what rule not to follow. For example, we do … Continue reading

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I’m Nearly an Atheist?

I’ve heard atheists say this before.  Here’s my question: so what?  I believe in one God and you don’t.  We already knew that.  That one God is EXACTLY what separates the theist from the atheist afterall. 😉

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God Condones Child Sacrifice?

I recently heard an atheist say that God commands child sacrifice in the old testament. You’d think the example would be Abraham and Isaac (which God didn’t even let Abraham go through with), but it wasn’t.  It was the story … Continue reading

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