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Knowing, Articulating, and the Importance of the Former

For the last six years of my life, I’ve been exposed to the church, Christians, and Christian writings of various kinds.  I’ve been immersed in Christian theology and philosophy of religion as well as some Christian history, devotionals, and spiritual … Continue reading

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Links of Interest (2)

I’m still taking the lazy way out and giving links.  There isn’t a common theme this time around. Paul Gould wrote a post for the Gospel Coalition on why The Church Needs Philosophers and Philosophers Need the Church. Remington has … Continue reading

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Learn Some SCIENCE!

I was pretty interested in science when I was young, especially astronomy/cosmology and anything to do with dinosaurs.  I did pretty well in my science classes and my parents thought I would be some kind of scientist when I grew … Continue reading

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Scientists and Christianity

Sometimes I’m curious as to why many scientists think that science confirms their atheism, but I see other scientists who are strong Christians.  On a certain facebook page, I asked this question For you scientists in the group, there are … Continue reading

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Science and Christianity

I keep hearing people say that science and religion (specifically Christianity) are incompatible. This claim, however, needs clarification. 1) Does the person mean that the scientific method is incompatible with Christianity? But how is a method of discovering how the … Continue reading

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Is Tinidril Human?

I’m taking a class on science fiction and religion (I didn’t take it because I wanted to…) and we had to read C.S. Lewis’s Space trilogy (at least that was an upside).  One of the reading responses we had to … Continue reading

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No Evidence for God?

Many atheists I see on youtube or facebook will make claims like “there is no evidence for the existence of God.”  People literally have no reason for believing He exists, apparently. To me, this seems obviously false.  There are many … Continue reading

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