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Kino’s Song

I’ve been looking for this song forever.  Found it. Advertisements

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I’m an Actor Now!

OK, not an especially GOOD one, but it is my first youtube debut.  Here’s my German film project I did with my partner. Also, the Chinese girl was our German teacher.  People find that pretty funny.

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Objective Morality and Moral Diversity

A former classmate of mine who took a philosophy class told me that some people in his class, including himself, didn’t think there are objective moral values and duties.  Why?  Because different cultures have different opinions on what is right … Continue reading

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No Evidence for God?

Many atheists I see on youtube or facebook will make claims like “there is no evidence for the existence of God.”  People literally have no reason for believing He exists, apparently. To me, this seems obviously false.  There are many … Continue reading

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The What and the Why

In this video, this author seems to say that no amount of scientific, factual evidence can turn someone into a believer or reveal God in any way (at least that’s how it seems in the video, I haven’t read the … Continue reading

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