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A Church Against Reason

Let’s assume that this church billboard is real.  This church may espouse something like this 1) All x (whatever x is) are enemies of faith 2) Reason is an occurrence of x 3) Therefore, Reason is an enemy of faith … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Emotivism

Emotivism is the view that ethical judgments do not express propositions or beliefs that can be true or false.  Instead, they express sentiments or feelings about certain actions, which cannot be either true or false.  When a person says “That … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis Already Knew My Struggle!

A promising line is the following. Now that he is in love, a new idea of earthly happiness has arisen in his mind: and hence a new urgency in his purely petitionary prayers-about this war and other such matters.  Now … Continue reading

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