Anime Music

I like to listen to anime soundtracks, especially anything composed by Yuki Kajiura or Yoko Kanno.

Here are some great Yuki Kajiura songs.

This song from Madoka Magica (which is an excellent show, by the way) is a fast-paced song that mixes orchestral violin, electric guitar, and a techno beat to make a truly epic song!

Another great song from Madoka Magica that mixes violin, electric guitar, and fast-paced drums.

This song from a series called Noir (which is an ok show) is beautifully sung in Latin or Italian….  I don’t know, with some nice cello in the background and violin solos.

Another song from Noir.  Like the first song linked above, it’s a fast-paced battle song combining a techno beat with electric guitar, violin, and piano.  It’s also beautifully sung in some foreign language.

Next is Yoko Kanno.

This song is beautifully sung by Gabriela Robin (whom most people believe is actually Yoko Kanno using a different identity).  I don’t think it’s in a particular language.  Songs sung by Gabriela are typically in a gibberish language that mixes different languages together.

This song is the opening theme (one of the best ever) for the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The music is mostly electronic and it’s sung beautifully in English, Russian, and Latin by a Russian singer named Origa.

Here’s a song from Wolf’s Rain (also a good show). It’s a slower orchestral piece. Very pretty.

To avoid slowing down this website too much, I’m gonna stop there!  Check out the songs!

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