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Posts on Morality, God, and Ethical Theories

I’ve written several blogs on God, morality, different normative and metaethical views, and Divine Command Theory, so I thought I’d share them here. The Ambiguity of the word “Morality” … -morality/ God and Arbitrary Commands … -commands/ The … Continue reading

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Stay-At-Home-Dad’s and Providing for the Family in 1 Timothy 5:8

I was looking through a Facebook discussion on whether being a stay-at-home dad was biblically permissible or not and I saw some comments argue against stay-at-home-dad’s by citing this verse But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and … Continue reading

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Conee and Feldman on Skepticism

Here’s a synopsis for a paper by Richard Feldman and Earl Conee titled Making Sense of Skepticism. The point of this paper is to explore both evidentialist and non-evidentialist theories, how they make sense of skepticism, and how they answer … Continue reading

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