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Ambiguous Sentences

The sentence “Everyone loves someone” can actually be read in two ways.  Here is an illustration   The one on the left is “For every person, there exists a person that he loves.”  In FOL, this reads ∀x ∃y Loves(x,y). … Continue reading

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Important Figures in Church History

I recently had a test in my Augustine class where I had to give short sketches of the lives and works of important figures in church history. Since I got a perfect score on this part of the test, I … Continue reading

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Outline for my Augustine Paper

Paper Topic The paper will explore Augustine’s view of God’s timelessness and will contrast it with the temporal view of God. Thesis Augustine’s timeless view of God has philosophical and biblical problems.  A temporal view is to be preferred. Outline … Continue reading

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My Paper Theses

I have two papers coming up in my capstone (philosophy of biology) and Augustine classes, so I need to think of some theses to write on.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a clearly defined idea on what they’ll be.  I do … Continue reading

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Stuff of Interest

Here are some interesting blogs, articles, and websites I’ve found that might be of interest to you. Max Andrews on his blog, Sententias, is currently doing a Tell us Why You’re a Christian series.  People tell their stories and he … Continue reading

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