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Video Game Music is Underappreciated

There’s a lot of great songs from video games!  Here are just a few. You Were There from Ico. The Opened Way from Shadow of the Colossus. To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X   Advertisements

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Initial Thoughts on God? A Debate Between A Christian and an Atheist.

Here are some top-of-my-head thoughts on this book I just finished.  Hope I make myself clear. Just finished this book. Gonna re-read it and take notes. Dr. Sinnott-Armstrong is Craig’s most powerful opponent that I’ve seen [read] so far. His … Continue reading

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Textbooks for this Fall

I have 11 books for my fall semester!  Six philosophy, three religious studies, and two German.  Here’s a list of them. 20th Century Philosophy The Philosophy of Logical Atomism by Bertrand Russell. Sense and Sensibilia by J.L. Austin Language, Truth, … Continue reading

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