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Dr. David Horner (D.Phil, Oxford University), gives a talk on the pursuit of happiness in the Christian life. Advertisements

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Links of Interest (2)

I’m still taking the lazy way out and giving links.  There isn’t a common theme this time around. Paul Gould wrote a post for the Gospel Coalition on why The Church Needs Philosophers and Philosophers Need the Church. Remington has … Continue reading

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Guest Posts

A couple of bloggers have kindly featured some of my writings on their blogs. First, Prayson Daniel at With All I Am featured my post on J.L. Mackie’s metaethical theory. Second, Randy Everist at Possible Worlds has featured my post … Continue reading

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Posts on Morality, God, and Ethical Theories

I’ve written several blogs on God, morality, different normative and metaethical views, and Divine Command Theory, so I thought I’d share them here. The Ambiguity of the word “Morality” … -morality/ God and Arbitrary Commands … -commands/ The … Continue reading

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Spiritual Friendship

As a single guy, friendship has become more important to me over the years as a source of relational intimacy. Wesley Hill gives a great Biola chapel talk on friendship for the church.

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Here is a summary of a paper by Dr. David Horner (my ethics professor this semester) titled The Pursuit of Happiness: Why Christian Ethics Should be Eudaimonistic.  I would have considered myself a Divine Command Ethics advocate the previous summer, … Continue reading

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Psychological Egoism

Here’s a very brief summary of Joel Feinberg’s paper, Psychological Egoism. Psychological Egosim (PE) is a descriptive theory of human behavior according to which self-interest is the sole motivation for all human action.  People may not always know that they … Continue reading

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