Hanging With Couples

Here is a quote from a great post by Chris Damian at Spiritual Friendship.

I recently met a young man (we’ll call him Joel) who had been dating a young woman for a couple of years. Early on, Joel and his girlfriend decided that they wanted to love and support their friends through their relationship. For Valentine’s Day, they decided to invite their friends over for a game night instead of going out on a date for two. For them, it was important that their love for each other also be a love that overflows into the lives of those around them. So they try to bring others into this love as much as possible.

I also have friends who have done this for me. A couple I know went on a walk recently, and, as they often do, they invited me to come along again. I was also heading out of my house, but I was walking to a coffee shop to go study. So they just decided to walk me there. For them, one measure of the “success” of their relationship is whether others feel comfortable spending time with them as a couple, whether the “third wheel” feels like a third wheel or a friend. They have always made me a friend.

Of course, I understand couples wanting and getting alone time too.  They should get that time, but I appreciate it when couples use their companionship as an opportunity to love and be with others rather than an excuse to escape from others or to make others uncomfortable with excessive PDA.  If I get married, I hope we can love our single friends this way.

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