An Article on Singleness

I haven’t been posting much lately.  Sorry about that.  In this post I’ll simply be sharing an article I just read on the Bible, marriage, and loneliness.  Enjoy.

In the rest of Scripture, God makes it clear that His remedy for human loneliness is fellowship, not (necessarily) marriage. Fellowship with the Father and the Son, and with our brothers and sisters in Christ, this is God’s remedy for loneliness. It is a remedy gloriously open to all, including all those for whom marriage is not a possibility—those too young for marriage, the widowed, the divorced, those struggling with homosexual temptation, those who cannot find a marriage partner.

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2 Responses to An Article on Singleness

  1. Sam Harper says:

    It makes sense that if loneliness is caused by lack of fellowship, then the solution would be fellowship. But what causes a lack of fellowship, and is there a solution to that? For some people, lack of fellowship is caused by social phobia, aspergers, or general weirdness. It’s too bad there aren’t good solutions to those or to what causes them.

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