Jesus and Horus

I recently saw a friend share this picture on Facebook.

Of course, no original source material is cited, so I could not tell if this is true or if the person was really stretching his imagination to grasp at any seeming similarity that Jesus and Horus might have, no matter how much of a stretch it is. So I decided to look it up myself.

Unfortunately, I do not know what the original sources are, and Google probably is not the best guide, but I did several Google searches to find the story of Horus or the myth of Horus. I looked for sources that did not have an “agenda”, and by that I mean I avoided sites whose specific purposes were to either disprove Christianity or defend it. I just wanted sites that would give me the Horus stories.

So far, I’ve seen that Horus is the son of Isis, who was married to Osiris. Doesn’t seem like she was a virgin. I also couldn’t turn up any stories of Horus being crucified (I don’t think they even had crucifixion in 2200 B.C.) or having 12 disciples, though I have seen references to a certain number of followers.  Not twelve. I remain skeptical of the claims that certain words translate to “Lazarus” or “Mary” until I see what some experts in the languages says.

So far, I just see a bunch of assertions without basis.  If anyone knows anything, send me a link.

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5 Responses to Jesus and Horus

  1. Matt says:

    I think a lot of this comes from the film “Zeitgeist”.


  2. Ron says:

    It’s written in stone on the temple walls in Kemet(Egypt)

  3. Edd says:

    None of this is true, you have to read the source and not spread lies started by a nutcase 🙂
    See the truth here ->

    Jesus, and the Bible started since the beginning, bestows of 66 books written by 44 prophets through thousands of years. Its not a made up event, its a long process, by God. Book 1 belongs to the second and third etc, all the way up to the last book of the Bible where the prophecies were fulfilled. Long process through thousands of years.

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