Ambiguous Sentences

The sentence “Everyone loves someone” can actually be read in two ways.  Here is an illustration


The one on the left is “For every person, there exists a person that he loves.”  In FOL, this reads ∀x ∃y Loves(x,y).

The one on the right reads “There exists a person x such that x is loved by everyone.”  In FOL it looks like this ∃x ∀y Loves(y,x).

Aren’t ambiguous sentences fun?

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2 Responses to Ambiguous Sentences

  1. FatSquirrel says:

    Perhaps you are right from a strictly logical point of view, but we know one of these interpretations is complete rubbish. There being a unique individual that everyone loves doesn’t even enter the mind of anyone but a linguist or logician. That tells you something.

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