Stuff of Interest

Here are some interesting blogs, articles, and websites I’ve found that might be of interest to you.

Max Andrews on his blog, Sententias, is currently doing a Tell us Why You’re a Christian series.  People tell their stories and he posts them on his blog.  It’s good stuff.

Remember that Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus video?  Well, apparently people are STILL making responses to it!  I think it’s from an Eastern Orthodox perspective this time.

My church has a new web feature called Point of Focus.  This is where the pastors write articles on the Christian worldview, theology, and apologetics.  I’m glad they’re doing something like this on the site.

Prosblogion (obviously from Anselm’s Proslogion) is a good philosophy of religion blog where you can find posts by professionals.  Even some acquaintances of mine blog there.

A hilarious review of Hayao Miyazaki’s movie, Ponyo, by the Nostalgia Critic.

I admire this guy, so here is a link to his blog, Well Spent Journey.

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