My Paper Theses

I have two papers coming up in my capstone (philosophy of biology) and Augustine classes, so I need to think of some theses to write on.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a clearly defined idea on what they’ll be.  I do have some general ideas though.

For Augustine, I’m thinking I’ll do something on either free-will or God’s relationship to time.  I’m most likely going to do Augustine’s view of God’s relationship to time (which is atemporal) and contrast it with the opposing view that God is actually temporal.

For my capstone, it’s a little more vague.  Since it’s on evolutionary biology, it’s history and impact on philosophy, and my main interest is philosophy of religion, I’d like to do something with William Paley’s Natural Theology.  Not sure what though.  This week we’re going through the topic of evolutionary ethics.  Ethical philosophy is a bit of an interest of mine, so I might do something on that.

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