Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Episode 1.

I saw the first episode of The Legend of Korra airing on Nickelodeon on April 14 at 11:00 AM.  Here are my thoughts so far.

1) The animation is great.  Better than the first series.

2) I like how they’re tying in this new generation with the older generation in the first series.

3) Action scenes are great.  Aang took a more speedy and evasive style when he fought, but Korra is brutal.  She takes down her enemies in awesome (and painful looking!) ways.

4) I like the change in pace and scenery.  The creators aren’t just making the same show again.  It’s not going to involve a lot of travel like the first series, it’s mostly going to take place in one city.  The conflict isn’t between Fire benders and all the other benders, but between benders and non-benders.  Aang was not a typical strong-willed, unrestrained, macho man.  He was usually calm, contemplative, and always tried to look for some other way to deal with a conflict.  His fighting style in the beginning of the series is usually to evade, and even in later seasons when he gets better at fighting he still uses a lot of dodgy, quick, evasive tactics (he kinda has to.  He’s only 12, so he’s not very strong).  Korra is a bit rash, headstrong, a tough and in-your-face fighter.  I’m glad they decided to make the main hero much different from the first season.

5) The ending theme is much better than the generic drum beat in the previous series.

6) Steven Blum is the main antagonist.  Awesome!

That’s all I’ll say without giving away spoilers.  Watch it in April!

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