Textbooks for this Fall

I have 11 books for my fall semester!  Six philosophy, three religious studies, and two German.  Here’s a list of them.

20th Century Philosophy

The Philosophy of Logical Atomism by Bertrand Russell.

Sense and Sensibilia by J.L. Austin

Language, Truth, and Logic by Alfred Jules Ayer

Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind by Wilfrid Sellars

Pursuit of Truth by W.V. Quine

Epistemology: An Anthology by various authors

Buddhism of South and Southeast Asia

The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia by Donald K. Swearer

Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience by Donald W. Mitchell

And a couple of books for my German class called Access to German.

For fun I’m currently reading God? A Debate Between a Christian and an Atheist by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and William Lane Craig.  Waiting for The Providence of God by Paul Helm.  I’ve been reading on the issue of Divine providence/foreknowledge and free-will for a while now.  I’ve been looking at it theologically and philosophically.  Most of the material with a philosophical bent has been from a Molinist and open theist perspective.  The stuff I read in the Calvinist perspective (which is what my church is) is theological, so I thought I’d read Paul Helm to get a more philosophical look at it.

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2 Responses to Textbooks for this Fall

  1. Hello Kyle,

    Just reading some of your thoughts–good thinking here. I am just a tad curious, Duane Hendricks was one of the sharpest guys I knew in the U.S Navy, and you resemble him somewhat….wondering if that is your father,

    Keep writing and thinking, i write, and love to draw ideas from good thinkers.


  2. Thank you, Robert! I don’t know any Duane I’m afraid, sorry.

    I have more stuff on this blog if you’re interested. http://veritasmizzou.wordpress.com/author/hendricks87/

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